Top 10 Penny stocks trading below Rs 10 in india 2021

Top 10 Penny stocks trading below Rs 10 in india 2021

What Is Penny Stock In India:-

Penny stocks mean those company they have low capitalization, low stocks price, and low turnover. Usually, those companies' stocks are trading under Rs.10. minimum people trade in those stocks. The movement of the penny stocks is very low it movement is under 1 rupee.

    Most of the traders will avoid trading or holding penny shares. The penny stocks have the minimum stockholders and the penny stock will not grow up you want to. That's why big trade avoids the purchasing of penny stocks they think it was like gambling. 

    But some stocks are Exceptions they give the best price to his investors. Some penny stocks have lucky for you they have unexpectable return to you. That's why penny stocks are trading in the below best penny stocks under 10 Rs.

    Top 10 Penny stocks trading below Rs 10 in India 2021:-

    Many people want to invest in the penny they searching for the best penny stocks to buy for 2021 in India. Many of the investors finding the best penny stock under 10 Rs to the investing. we are giving some penny stocks list to the investor who wants to invest in penny shares. We sort the best penny stocks to buy in India below Rs 10. There is a list of penny stocks given below.

    1. 3I Infotech Ltd:- Share Price:-Rs.10.50

    3i is an Indian IT company established as ICICI infotech ltd in the year of 1993. The ICICI promoted to 3I infotech ltd. But In March 2002 ICICI infotech divested its shares from 3I Infotech Ltd. The company that Provides the software from the outsourcing their clients is big like insurance companies, portfolio management services companies, asset management companies, And Retails.

    Market Capitalization 1,543 52 week High 10
    1 Year Return
    289.90% 52 Week Low 2.20
    P/E Ratio 3.95 P/B Ratio 1.92
    Face value 10 Dividend Yield 0
    Book value Per Share Rs.4.66

    2. Metalyst forgings Ltd:- Share price:-Rs.7.90

    A Metalyst Forgings Limited is a manufacturer of the forged automotive components, cold-forged parts, and high tensile fasteners. Metalyst Forgings Limited is the 2 largest manufacturers of their products. Metalyst forgings ltd has earned an outstanding reputation as a leading-edge supplier of pipe fittings.

    Market Capitalization 33 Crore 52 week High 8.65
    1 Year Return
    31.67% 52 Week Low 3.70
    P/E Ratio -0.11 P/B Ratio -0.03
    Face value 10 Dividend Yield 0
    Book value Per Share 0

    3. Nagarjuna Fertilizers And Chemicals Ltd:- Share Price Rs.9.45

    The Nagarjuna Fertilizers And Chemicals Ltd is the most recognized agricultural brand in India. Nagarjuna fertilizers and chemicals manufacture the agricultural products for its's farmer customers. They provide the customer's solutions, nutrition, irrigations, farm services, and plant management services.

    Market Capitalization 589 Crore 52 week High 11
    1 Year Return
    53.60 52 Week Low 3.75
    P/E Ratio -1.25 P/B Ratio 4.36
    Face value 1 Dividend Yield 0
    Book value Per Share 2.20

    4. Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd. Share Price Rs.9.30

    Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd. incorporated as a proprietorship firm in 1983. The omkar specialty chemicals were the manufacture of the specialty chemicals and pharma ingredients. They also manufacture organic, inorganic intermediates. And much more chemicals products they manufacture in their company. They export their product globally like Europe, Asia, Canada, South America, etc.

    Market Capitalization 20 Crore 52 week High 13.40
    1 Year Return
    138.10% 52 Week Low 3.80
    P/E Ratio -1.41 P/B Ratio -0.13
    Face value 10 Dividend Yield 0
    Book value Per Share 2.20

    5. TGB Banquets And Hotels Limited:- Share Price Rs.9.20

    TGB banquets and hotels limited was founded in 1989 by Mr. Narendra Somani. The TGB banquets and hotels limited providing the best quality food and great services. They work in the catering business all over India.

     They catered to 26000 people at the 40th anniversary of the reliance group at Jam Nagar, Baruch. TGB are the bests in hospitality. TGB banquets and hotels are located in S.G Road, Ahmedabad-380054, Gujarat.

    Market Capitalization 27 Crore 52 week High 9.35
    1 Year Return
    175.10% 52 Week Low 2.95
    P/E Ratio 32.22 P/B Ratio 0.26
    Face value 10 Dividend Yield 0
    Book value Per Share 34.53

    6. Tijaria Ploypipes Limited:- Share Price Rs. 9.15

    Tijaria Ploypipes Ltd was established in 1982 as a flagship group. They have 38 years of experience in plastics and related material manufacturing. They manufacture the HDPE Pipes, PLB HDPE Duct, MDPE Pipes, DWC HDPE Pipes, uPVC Pipes, PVC-U Pipes, and Mink Blankets, Partially Oriented Yarn and Draw Textured Yarn, Surgical Mask, And N-95 Mask, Etc.

    The Tijaria Ploypipes ltd was awarded 2 national awards in 2008, 2010, and the MSME awards in 2011.

    Market Capitalization 24 Crore 52 week High 9.70
    1 Year Return
    46.22% 52 Week Low 4.95
    P/E Ratio -10.08 P/B Ratio 1.19
    Face value 10 Dividend Yield 0
    Book value Per Share 0

    7. Indowind Energy ltd:- Share Price Rs.6.90  

    Indowind Energy ltd is a green power providing company. They develop the wind farm for sales. Manages the wind assets, and generates Green Power for sale to utilities and corporates. They provide all installation and other services related to the winds.

    Market Capitalization 64 Crore 52 week High 6.90
    1 Year Return
    126.23% 52 Week Low 2.40
    P/E Ratio 1032.03 P/B Ratio 0.31
    Face value 10 Dividend Yield 0
    Book value Per Share 22.33

    8. Tamilnadu Telecommunication Limited:- Share Price: Rs.7.35

    Tamilnadu telecommunication ltd is a fiber optic manufacturing company. They were established in 1988 And they are three joint venture company Telecommunications
    Consultants India Limited, a government of India. The Govt of Tamilnadu enterprises is responsible for the development of industry in the state of Tamilnadu. Their tie-up with the Japanese company Fujikura limited.

    Market capitalization 31 Crore 52 week High 9.10
    1-year Return
    337.50% 52 Week Low 1.45
    P/E Ratio -2.27 P/B Ratio -0.27
    Face Value 10 Dividend Yield 0
    Book value 0

    9.Vikas Wsp limited:- Share Price Rs.7.00

    Vikas wsp limited was incorporated in 1988. Vikas Wsp limited is the world's leading and India's largest manufacturer and exporter of the Gaur gam powder. WSP full form is water-soluble polymers. Vikas WSP also manufactures the Food, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas Hydro Fracturing, eCigarette manufacturing, Coconut milk and Cream production, personal care items, paper making

    Market capitalization 150 Crore 52 week High 8.05
    1-year Return
    4.26% 52 Week Low 3.65
    P/E Ratio 7.03 P/B Ratio 0.13
    Face Value 1 Dividend Yield 0
    Book value 0

    10. Lakshmi Precision screws ltd:- Share Price Rs.5.70

    Lakshmi Precision screws ltd is a highly tensile manufacturing unit which is established in the year of 1972. They provide the best services to its customers like Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, Locomotives, Automobiles, Agriculture Equipments (Tractors), Machine Building and different Industrial and its sub-con items

    Market capitalization 6 Crore 52 week High 7.55
    1-year Return
    242.86% 52 Week Low 1.80
    P/E Ratio -0.16 P/B Ratio 0.25
    Face Value 10 Dividend Yield 0
    Book value 24.07

    We give the Best Top 10 penny stocks to buy. All the above share give the best performance in the last 1 year. We give all Companies business data share price P/E Ratio, P/B Ratio, Market Capitalizations, 52 weeks High And low Dividends yield, And Book Value and Face value.


    In this article, we suggest the best penny stocks for long-term India. We request to all investor who they want to buy penny shares you must research on this shares And then buy it. We Are Not Responsible for any risk taken by investors.

    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions For 5

    Q1. How To Identify Penny Stocks In India:-

    You want to identify the best penny stocks in India then you can visit the Nse official website. You can go and click on the button of the live market and second click on the live analysis And final click on the price band hitters option. This screener will show you the penny stocks so you can pick the best penny stock and research it before investing in the penny stocks. Before investing you need to Find out the PE ratio, PB Ratio, 1-year return, And its Business.

    Q2. BSE Penny Stock Maximum Holding Day Limit:-

    If You want to invest in penny stocks for the Long term investment. For any stock, you can hold the stock for a lifetime. there is no day or year limit on the holding of the penny stocks or the stocks. You can trade the share in 1 day. but if you want to hold the shares for 50 years or more later there is no compulsion.

    Q3. Penny Stock in India For Future Investment

    If you want to invest in penny stock under Rs.10 you can read out our article. We give the best penny stocks under 10 Rupees. You can choose any stocks For future Investment. Before Invest in penny stocks, you need to research on it Then invest in penny stocks.

    Q4. What is the reality of Penny Stocks Can they grow?

    Penny stocks are those companies' stocks that have minimum market capitalization, Minimum Revenue. Penny stocks Growth is very slow they moving under Rs 1 or 2,3 Rs in 1 day. But some penny stocks are really nice they grow very they give the best return to their investors. Invest in penny stocks there is a risk of losing the investment. In the time of investing investors need to check the P/E ratio P/B ratio market capitalization, Revenue, And company History.

    Q5. How To Invest In Penny Stocks In India:-

    To invest in penny stocks you need to Find out the best top penny shares. If you can't find out the penny stocks we are providing the list of the top 10 penny stocks. Before investing in penny stocks you need to research those penny stocks. And after invest in those stocks. After finding out the stock you need to log in to your particular broker app. Search the particular stocks And click on the buy option and put the quantity of how many you want and place your order.

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