Which Stocks Given The Highest Return Stocks Last 1 Year ?

Which Stocks Given The Highest Return Stocks Last 1 Year ?

Some New investors or regular investors want to know which stocks give high returns in the last 1 year. New Pople in share market they want to know which stock has given the highest return. Investors search for the last 1 year's returns stocks but they can't find the stocks. 
We are give some list shares who give the highest return's to his investors. We are sort this share by its highest return percentage. And we also discuss those company shares' P/E Ratio, P/B ratio, Market capitalization, And company business. What does a company actually business.

Highest Return Stocks last 1 years List:-

The top return share in NSE with their 1-year return's in percentageFollowing is the list of Highest Return Stocks's last 1-year list.

Stocks Return's in %
SAIL +318.21%
TATA MOTORS +250.18%
JSW STEEL +246.74%
TATA STEEL +243.38%
COFORGE LTD. +189.85%
TATA POWER +182.77%
MINDTREE +172.43%

on the above stocks, we give the stock list of the highest return stocks in the 1 year. Following are the details of company business, P/E Ratio, P/B Ratio, Market Capitalization of those companies.

1. ADANI ENTERPRISES LTD:- Share Price:- Rs.1487.50

Adani Enterprises is a subsidiary of the Adani group. It was founded in 1988 by Gautam Adani.The director of Adani group is Gautam adani. Adani enterprises ltd is engaged in the mining and trading of coal, iron ore. Adani enterprises also has interested in solar PV manufacturing, water infrastructure, defense and aerospace, rail and metro infrastructure, And many more.

Market capitalization 1,63,596 CR 52 Week High 1,717.20
1 Year Return +906.09% 52 Week Low 145.20
P/E Ratio 262.51 P/B Ratio 8.98
Face Value 1.00 Dividend Yield 0.07%
Book Value:- 171.94

2. SAIL LTD:- Share Price:- Rs.124

SAIL ltd full form is Steel Authority of India. The SAIL was incorporated in 1973. It has the most number of employees 65,807. SAIL is a government-owned steel manufacturing
company. Which is engaged in manufacturing the steel. SAIL Ltd is under the ownership of ministry steel.

Market capitalization 51,218 CR 52 Week High 151.30
1 Year Return +318.21% 52 Week Low 28.70
P/E Ratio 12.35 P/B Ratio 1.23
Face Value 10 Dividend Yield 3.06%
Book Value:- 109.93

3. DEEPAK NITRITE LTD:- Share Price:- Rs.1754.80

Deepak Nitrite Ltd was incorporated in 1970. The Deepak Nitrite Ltd is the manufacturing of chemicals. Deepak nitrite ltd manufacturing facilities are located at Roha and Taloja Maharashtra, Nandesari, and Dahej in Gujrat. It produced a spectrum of chemicals, specialty, And fine chemicals. Deepak Mehta is the chairmen of Deepak Nitrite Ltd.

Market capitalization 23,935 CR 52 Week High 1,988
1 Year Return +277.38% 52 Week Low 457.70
P/E Ratio 30.85 P/B Ratio 15.23
Face Value 2 Dividend Yield 0.31
Book Value:- 172.05

4. TATA MOTORS LTD:- Share Price:- Rs.337.40

Tata motors ltd is a multinational automotive manufacturing company. Tata motors are a subsidiary of the Tata group. The Tata motors manufacture the passenger car, trucks, vans, coaches, And transport vehicles. And They also constructed the military vehicle for the army. The headquarter of tata motors is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Market capitalization 1,19,906 CR 52 Week High 360.75
1 Year Return +250.18% 52 Week Low 94.15
P/E Ratio -9.17 P/B Ratio 1.88
Face Value 2 Dividend Yield 0
Book Value:- 170.82

5. JSW STEEL LTD: Share Price:- Rs.670.60

Jsw Steel Ltd is a steel manufacturing company. which is based in Mumbai. A JSW steel is founded in 1982 by Sajjan Jindal. JSW steel ltd is a subsidiary of the JSW group. It is the fastest-growing steel company in India. They provide their steel in 140+ countries in the world.

Market capitalization 1,61,330 52 Week High 773
1 Year Return +246.74% 52 Week Low 185.65
P/E Ratio 20.39 P/B Ratio 4.48
Face Value 1 Dividend Yield 1.21%
Book Value:- 190.65

6. TATA STEEL LTD:- Share Price:- Rs.1092.30

Tata steel is a steel-producing company which is founded in 1907 by the JamshetJi. A Tata steel is a subsidiary of the Tata group. Tata steel operates in 26 countries in the world. They have their own largest steel producing plant 10 MPA Capacity is located in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

Market capitalization 1,31,378 52 Week High 1,246.85
1 Year Return +243.38% 52 Week Low 307.10
P/E Ratio 17.54 P/B Ratio 1.70
Face Value 10 Dividend Yield 2.29%
Book Value:- 680.51


Chola investment and finance ltd was a service provider of finance and investment in India. A Chola investment ltd was founded in 1978. It's headquartered located in Chennai. They serve their financial services with 1029 branches all over India. The parent company of Chola investment and finance ltd is Murugappa ltd it's 28 businesses under the Murugappa group.

Market capitalization 44,163 52 Week High 600.95
1 Year Return +202.53% 52 Week Low 168.20
P/E Ratio 29.04 P/B Ratio 5.39
Face Value 2 Dividend Yield 0.32
Book Value:- 99.98

8. COFORGE LTD:- Share Price:- Rs.3971.05

Coforge ltd is an information and technology company which is based in Noida. The Coforge ltd they serve worldwide it's the second office is located in new jersey. Coforge ltd is founded in 1992. They provide the digital supply chain, artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure, data management, and enterprise applications. Coforge ltd has 21000+ working employees.

Market capitalization 24,061 52 Week High 4,048.85
1 Year Return +189.85% 52 Week Low 1,321.50
P/E Ratio 52.81 P/B Ratio 10.04
Face Value 10 Dividend Yield 0.34%
Book Value:- 407

9. TATA POWER LTD: Share Price:- Rs.121.45

Tata Power is an electric utility provider company which is based in Mumbai. The Tata power is the subsidiary of the Tata group which is founded in 1919 And founded by Dorabji tata. The business of the tata power is a generation, transmit and distribute of the electricity. They have 8300+ working employees in tata power ltd.

Market capitalization 38,827 52 Week High 132.70
1 Year Return +182.77% 52 Week Low 41.10
P/E Ratio 34.44 P/B Ratio 1.54
Face Value 1 Dividend Yield 1.28
Book Value:- 79.02

10. MINDTREE LTD:- Share Price: Rs.2472.00

Mindtree is an information and technologies company. They provide their IT services through outsourcing to the entire world. Mindtree Ltd is founded in 1999 And Mindtree is a subsidiary of the L&T group. Its headquarter is located in Bangalore, Chennai. They have 23,814 working employees. L&T takes over the majority of shares in Mindtree Ltd. They take the 61.08%  shares in Mindtree Ltd. 

Market capitalization 40,721 52 Week High 2,525
1 Year Return +172.43% 52 Week Low 898.60
P/E Ratio 36.67 P/B Ratio 12.90
Face Value 10 Dividend Yield 1.01%
Book Value:- 262.19

On the above high return stocks, we explain the details of those companies which stock has the highest return. These stocks Give the best highest return shares in the last 1 year. We have shortlisted these stocks from the highest return stocks in NSE.


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