How Small Case Works In Zerodha And How to use smallcase zerodha

How Small Case Works In Zerodha And How to use small case zerodha

Zerodha refers And Available to the Smallcase in their platform. Many of the Investors getting confused about the Smallcase. How Small Case works in Zerodha and how to use a smallcase in Zerodha. We are all explained about the Small case in Zerodha in this article. to know more read the Full Article. 

    About Smallcase:- 

    The Smallcase was founded in 2015 by Vasanth Kamath, Rohan Gupta, and Anurag Shrivastava. Smallcase is An Fintech company that offers the platform to invest in the model portfolio of stocks, Exchanged traded funds, and real Estate Investment trusts. Smallcase is an official partner of Zerodha, 5paisa, Angel one, Kotak Securities, Axis Direct, Groww, HDFC securities, Upstox, IIFL Securities, Alice blue, And trustline, And Many More.

    The small case is a Subsidiary Of the windmill capital which is held the licenses of the Research and analytics with the Sebi And offers Multiple strategies and Portfolios.

    A small case gives advice to the investor and Suggests the stock for the investing. Then investors can choose the stocks and buy stocks from the smallcase platform. The stocks selected by the investor come into the investors' Demat account.

    Now we know about How Small Case Works In Zerodha as per below.

    How Small Case Works In Zerodha:-

    The smallcase suggests the best small cases to the investors with the returns. Smallcase is given the platform to create your own Portfolio where you can select your best stocks and you can create your own Smallcase. 

    Smallcase needs the Sebi registered Brokers to hold the Stocks of the Investors. Smallcase has no authority to hold the stocks in their platform. That's why the Smallcase Can't Work without the brokers.

    To making smallcase easier for investors Smallcase is partners with the registered 7+ Brokers in India. 

    Zerodha investors can use the smallcase And they can invest their money through the smallcase. They need to create their own smallcase or select professionally created smallcases to invest in stocks. After selecting you need to log in with the Zerodha and Invest your money. After Investing your Smallcase stocks Will be reflected in your Zerodha Demat Account. 

    How to use smallcase Zerodha:-

    Many Of the Zerodha investors Want to invest in the smallcase. But they don't know how to use Zerodha. We are Explain how to use smallcase in Zerodha step by step.  

    To use the smallcase in Zerodha Follow the step is given below.

    1 Step:- Open Smallcase Mobile Application Or Web version and click login With Zerodha kite.

    2 step:- Select the smallcase which would like to invest Or Create Your own Smallcase in smallcase.

    3 Step:- After selecting the smallcase and click on the invest now button.

    4 Step:- Choose the monthly SIP or Paid One-time payment. 

    5 Step:- Click On the Confirm order and then your Order Will be executed.

    6 Step:- After confirming the order your Smallcase Stocks will be Reflected into your Zerodha kite app.

    Smallcase Charges:-

    Buying smallcase is like Buying stock with the added ease of tracking & managing your own portfolio. For every Smallcase, you are only charged Rs.100+GST on a one-time fee payment For Zerodha. This One-time payment is charged only when you are purchased the Smallcase.

    If you are Investing Rs.4000 then you are charged only 2.5% of the amount which is invested.

    Other statutory charges Like STT, Demat, brokerage, and taxes are applied as per your Broker. When you are selling the smallcase then the charges are applicable as per your brokers' charges and brokers' conditions. Check your Brokers Selling charges before Selling the Smallcase.

    Smallcase has no maintenance charges and other hidden charges. They charge only the Rs.100+Gst when your Demat account with Zerodha. 

    Is smallcase safe:-

    Smallcase is safe they are partners with the Respected broking firms and Regulated by Sebi. windmill capital is the Subsidiary of the Smallcase.
    windmill capital registration number is SEBI Reg no - INH200007645.
    Smallcase has 30Lakh+ investors And 250 Businesses supported. Every Investor can invest through the smallcase and earn the highest returns they want.


    In the Article, We are given all details of the Smallcase. How small case works in Zerodha And how to use smallcase Zerodha. This article Is getting helpful for those people who want to invest through the smallcase. We are Explain all the details of smallcase which is helping the investor to invest.

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